Interface UpdateListener

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AlbumArtPanel.Interact, Audit, Library, LyraTrayIcon.Interact, Pendulum, PlayerCompactFrame.Interact, PlayerOrganiserFrame.Interact, PlayerOrganiserMenu.Interact, PlayerPanel.Interact, Snooper

public interface UpdateListener

Interface to the host update process which will enable various aspects of the application to be notified when it is time to refresh information. Elements such as the current play list, song library, player elements will receive notification of updates through here.

1.0.5, %Revision, 174%, %LastChangedDate, 27/10/12 3:33PM%
Martin Foster
See Also:
Updater, UpdateEvent

Method Summary
 void hostUpdated(UpdateEvent update)
          Updates of host information as passed through this specific method.

Method Detail


void hostUpdated(UpdateEvent update)
Updates of host information as passed through this specific method. Multiple updates can be triggered from this, so it becomes important to check for a specific update if necessary in order to avoid undue

update - Update notification method.
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