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Ethereal Realms was at one time was a community-based site centered around an open-source technologies developped in-house. With time, it became impossible to maintain the community, but the technology remains in use today.

Over time, other open-source applications elements were added and are showcased below. Feel free to explore while keeping in mind that with the exception of Lyra the following projects are no longer being actively maintained.

The Ethereal Realms Project

Ethereal Realms is a concept chat and role playing system that has acquired additional components such as social networking, galleries and message boards. The code borrows themes from Plenty of Fish, Elfwood Gallery and the now defunct WBS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lyra - Music Player Daemon Front-End

Lyra is a front-end to the Music Player Daemon (MPD) written in the Java language for platform independence. Based loosely on the Creative Media Source software, this application has the aim to support large collections of albums and artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perl OpenID 1.0 Library

An implementation of the OpenID 1.0 specification. This code is a component of Ethereal Realms Chat but is not integrated. Heavily commented, this can protentially make implementation easier for Perl programmers.


Vampire the Masquerade: Character Sheet Generator

An ancient bit of code that permits a user to generate character sheets for Vampire the Masquerade. While the system is no longer actively supported by the publisher there are still elements that play using the older systems and the code still works.