Ethereal Realms Project

Originally Ethereal Realms began as an attempt to emulate the World Broadcasting System (WBS) and Island Fortress Chat (IFC) sites, both of which now defunct. Every site had their strengths and weaknesses and where WBS was known for anonymity, IFC was known for its multi-character capabilities. The existence of Ethereal Realms existence hinged on success of creating an interface which merged the two systems to into one seamless interface. From a project point-of-view this goal succeeded.

This vision grew significantly over the years implemented more features outside of its original design and surpassed features that were found on either site. When development ceased Ethereal Realms incorporated real-time chat capabilities, forums, polls, user homepages and a robust self-contained gallery components.

During most development of the project, this site was also home to a thriving community in which the features existed to bring in fresh blood. In time the code to create offshoot sites as the code was licensed under the GNU Public License. Unfortunately, external factors made it impossible to maintain server capacity, so development was ceased in 2007. The code and including older variations are hosted below:

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